-A hidden pearl in the inner part of the Sognefjord

Amlasanden fjordcamping is located on a fantastic spot in the inner part of the Sognefjord in the small village Amla.

Amlasanden fjordcamping is located approximately ca 1 km past the ferry terminal in  Kaupanger, where the ferry to Gudvangen and Nærøyfjord is leaving from.

The campisite is located 12 km from the centre of Sogndal.

Amlasanden fjordcamping is a family friendly, nature campground.

It is an excellent starting point for hiking trips in the forest and mountains. You can put on your hiking boots and start from the campground.

Amlsasnden fjordcamping is also a great starting point for excursions in the area of Sogn. Within an hour drive you cabn reach attractions like the Jostedalsglacier, our famous fjords, the stave churches and small villages along the fjord.

The camp ground is open from May 1st until October 1st.

The campground  have 16 spots with electricity available

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